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Thanks so much you guys, I do love working with gel!

For bubbleless it is lots of work with the heatgun or time in the oven. It depends on the candle. If wax embeds are used neither method can be used, they will melt and as well if you have floating embeds they will sink, so the key for us is to pour hot, very slow, down a spoon or similar and for floating embeds we pour in layers,heat gunning lightly between layers to remove the pour line. It does take practice, lol, or luck!

The fisherman was not this clear, personally I like some bubbles, it adds to the light refracting when it is lit, however this little guy sat in a window for awhile and the bubbles disappeared.

We don't do nearly as many scene type candles as we used to, mass production for wholesale has severly cut into that, however we do keep a few favourites on hand in the store and to take to shows. Pies, preserves, desserts etc. are the mainstay of gel for us.

We do alot of weddings though, we rent display racks that we make for our candles for the tables etc. and we get asked to fill the holders with gel more than soy or paraffin, people like the look it seems.

Thanks for your comments once again, much appreciated.


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