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Candle party need opinion


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I am having a party this friday. I thought I could display individual votives in poly zip bags in baskets. Like have a basket with a sign made from card stock glued on the front of it " The Coffee Shoppe " then have all coffee type scents in it. Also :

The Bake shoppe - with all bakery scents

The Christmas Shoppe - with all Christmas scents

Also :

The Fall Harvest or Fall Thyme or Harvest Bounty on the basket - with all fall scents.

Summer's Bounty - all summer clean type scents, ozone type, airy type scents.

Spring Bouquet or Spring Thyme - with springish scents.

The Apple Basket - With all apple scents cause I have so many of them.

I have not come up with anything for perfumy type scents which I sell the least but do have some. any ideals???

I am not doing all these baskets this friday but will do fall & christmas for sure, I wanted to share this and see if you all had any other imput on the ideal. Feel free to make any suggestions or do this your self for displays.

Blessings to All, Jane

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Hey Granny - separating those into catagories is a GREAT idea IMHO! Make sure you have alot of apple stuff on hand, because if your guests are anything like my customers, they love apple :)

I would suggest maybe a Pink Sugar (since that seems to be a real popular one) and have you considered some dupes? www.naturesgardencandles.com has a whole page of dupes that you can check out and I know they do smaller sizes so you don't have to commit to a pound of each.

Good luck with your show :)

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I agree with Jen about the Pink Sugar. Natures Garden has a great one, super strong at 1oz. per lb. It's very popular here, I've gone through 3 lbs of it in the last month. It might depend on the age of your guests though. Seems to be the most popular with teens through 30's.

The baskets are a great idea, maybe for the perfume dupe scents you could have a sign that says Fifth Avenue, Macy's Counter, Saks or something like that.

Good luck with your show!

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