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Thank goodness for props!! Fall pillars pic :)


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Can you imagine how plain jane these pillars would look if photographed all by themselves? Thank goodness for fall leaf garlands! ROFL

The orangey-brown is scented in Pumpkin Pie and the tan is scented in Caramelized Pralines. Hopefully this week I'll be able to pour a rusty-red one scented in apple-spice, and a light brown one scented in chai tea too so these ones here won't be lonesome. :laugh2:

Thanks for looking. Nothing special ... no layers, no cut & carve, no mottled finish, no embeds or chunks. Just plain pillars that I wish you could smell. :D Maybe I'll get fancier on the next ones, but for now I just wanted some plain & simple ones to use as a centerpiece on my fall table. :) ETA: Whoops, sorry about forgetting to trim the wicks before I took the pic. (blush)


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Yes, the props do add a lot to the picture. But the candles themselves are beautiful. I use plain candles for centerpieces because anything else would look too busy. Many others that I know that have centerpieces constantly replace the center candle/candles with plain. Sometimes less is better.

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