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how do you make "syrup" from gel wax?


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Hi everyone,

I'm fairly new to candlemaking. I've been making bakery style paraffin candles and noticed that some people make syrup or icing from gel wax.

Now I've never used gel wax, so is it just a case of melting some and pouring it over for the glossy look?

any "recipes", techniques or tips would be gratefully recieved! :D

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I mix gel wax and pillar wax to use as frosting....not sure if you would want to use straight gel....:undecided It may be more helpful for you to post in the 'gel' section if you are wanting advice on how to use gel wax.

If you do a google search (or even a search here for frosting) you will get varying ideas of what/how different people make their frosting.

Have fun!

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