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salt scrub versus sugar scrub benifits


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Some one may want to correct me if im wrong but I beleive one of the big differences are how each dissolves/behaves. A salt scrub dissolves fairly quickly as long as the crystals are small. Where as a sugar scrub stays longer and I think for this you get more actual 'scrub/exfoliation' out of a sugar. If you cook at all you might have heard the theory about salt drawing out moisture... this could either be a good or bad thing. Bad if you find it literally drying-- good if you retain water, lol. I 'lol' but im kinda serious about this because I actually use a national brand of scrub on my hands and if I sit and watch tv while I rub it into my hands, (as opposed to just doing it quick like at the sink) I swear they are slimmer and feel like piano hands. I'd do it in the shower to make myself skinnier but I don't have the patience or $$ to pay the hot water bill for the same length of time! I don't know what is in the scrub in the way of salt or sugar- it does not tout itself as either. Just a 'buffing creme' but my guess is that it leans more toward the salt side somewhere in the scientic ingredients I know nothing about yet! It also recommends following this step with another lotion... either cuz it might be overly drying alone or just to sell more product, lol. I've tried a sugar scrub from this same company and hated the sticky feeling. I've tried a sugar scrub from another national company that was like sugar grains soaked in (and sitting under due to separation) a bath of super oils......absolutely looooooooooove this stuff. (this is my goal to make my own someday that I like as much). Long story short, I do beleive the only HUGE difference is how they dissolve. Of course there is always the old addage about 'salt in a wound'! Not sure I'd want that!!!:wink2:

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I did a bit of looking cuz I wanted to know for myself as well and I found this site where Massage Therapists discuss it on one of their boards.

http://www.bodyworkonline.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5123 If this doesnt take you to the actual thread it's under Spa treatments and then Salt vs. Sugar scrub I beleive. It had some good info. Some of it is contradictory to me some of it is reaffirming... I think just take it how you feel most comfortable and decide from there.

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I tried an aewsome shea salt scrub and my body was super moisturized afterwards so I just think it depends on the ingrediants incorporated with it.

I agree, I have asweome salt and sugar scrubs, I think a particular formulation makes a difference.

I also think salt scrub as a body only thing, while sugar scrubs are better for facials.

I prefer sugar scrubs myself.

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I haven't really studied up on the differences but when I think of salt I think of it as a "drawing" agent, therefore I just can't see me using it on my body. ;)

I DO tend to agree that if you incorporate it into some good moisturizing oils and butters, the butters would cancel out the salt.

I for one like the sugar scrubs cuz I use it ALL over my bod, face and all.

Just experiment with small batches and see which you like better, it won't take until you're 100 to do that. ;)

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I signed up for a 4 email note on benifits of sugar scrub and here is what I got set today, may find some of it helpful in promoting your sugar scrubs

Sugar Scrub Benefits

Our skin is exposed to hot and cold weather on a daily basis and this can cause your skin to become dry, itchy and flaky. Taking baths can clean away dirt but it does not remove the dry, flaky skin. Here are a number of benefits of Sugar Scrubs that you can use in advertising or selling scrubs to your clients. My object is to increase your knowledge so you can sell features and benefits to your clients and increase your sales.

*Sugar scrubs can be very healing for people with skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema.

*Sugar scrubs exfoliate the skin and deep cleanse it.

*You control how much skin to exfoliate by the quantity you use and the method of application.

*Sugar scrubs are the all-over body scrub and polisher.

*Sugar is alpha-hydroxy rich to give you glowing skin.

*Sugar scrubs promote the growth of a healthier; more uniformly colored and textured skin.

*Sugar scrubs are very safe with no harsh side effects.

* Rubbing sugar into a client's skin is much easier on the therapist's hands than salt.

* Sugar scrubs are great for all skin types, especially dry to very dry skin.

*Sugar Scrubs hydrate skin without clogging pores and are absorbed completely in one minute.

*Sugar Scrubs are safe to use on children.

*Sugar Scrubs have been shown to stimulate and circulate lymph fluids.

*Sugar Scrubs are wonderful for soothing the skin after shaving.

*Sugar Scrubs can replace many skin care products, such as those rough pumice stones.

*Sugar Scrubs act as an exfoliate of dead skin before self tanning, also hydrates the skin, which prevents excessive self tanning being absorbed in those key areas like knees, ankles, and elbows.

*Sugar Scrubs are safe enough for frequent use and are non-abrasive enough for everyday use, even for your face, yet the exfoliative agents and oils are strong enough to work wonders on even the toughest, roughest skin.

* No need for a lotion after a sugar scrub treatment.

*Sugar scrubs can quickly help heal blemishes, absorb the dirt and oil from pores, and balance the natural oils in the skin.

* Sugar Scrubs can soften even rough, chapped, calloused man-hands after only a few uses.

* With Sugar Scrub there is no need for a separate cleanser and a separate moisturizing product.

* Sugar Scrubs stimulate both cells and senses.

* Sugar scrubs moisturize and restore skin.

*Sugar Scrubs can be used as a one-minute-manicure or pedicure.

* Sugar scrubs are gentler, less dehydrating than salt scrubs and be used by all skin types.

* Sugar is also a humectant, so Sugar scrubs help draw moisture to the skin.

* Sugar Scrubs spread easily over damp skin and rinse cleanly.

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I have rather oily skin and have found that sugar scrubs break me out more, where as the salt scrubs tend to help releive that. Also, when using the "bohunks" sugar scrub vs. the "bohunks" salt scrub (exact same recipe with the exception of the salt/sugar) the salt scrub had more moisture retention on my hands than the sugar scrub did. I had to use lotion after the sugar scrub where as I didn't with the salt.

That has just been my experience with the 2 products. Take it for what you will.

I prefer the salt scrub for the various reasons just stated. :)

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I've tried mine with both sugar and salt. I think it depends on the actual crystals themselves, but I find that the sugar version is a bit milder than the salt. Also salt hurts like a bear if I have a scratch.

Mine I would NEVER use on my face - just on my legs, but I'm an old lady with delicate skin!

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I am so glad this thread is here. I have toyed with using the fbb base for either a sugar or a salt scrub and this thread has answered several questions. I have regularly exfoliated my face for many years. One of my favorites was a sugar scrub because it would dissolve before I got down to the bones. I have also used the salt scrub by Philosophy for a couple of years on the body. I enjoy it, too, especially if I am going to shave and use a self-tanner.

As several of you have said, it's a matter of personal preference for the most part. However, I do appreciate the factual information that has been posted here.

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I've tried both and prefer the sugar scrub significantly over the salt scrub. If you have any owwies on your skin the salt will most assuredly sting. Sugar scrubs won't do that. My skin feels sooooooo good after the sugar scrub treatment. However, the bottom line is what do YOU like better as it's a purely personal preference, in my never-to-be-humble opinion.

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I make both but personally I love the sugar one on my body, the salt one for some reason is better on my hands though, it leaves the nice and smooth. I don't use one on my face at all. I use a rough washcloth to exfoilate it if I need it. I also find a plain scrub as compared to a foaming one is much better for my skin. I sell both and have customers that have strong preferences on which they like.

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