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Scented Pine cones


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Hi! I was just reading the thread on dipping pine cones and someone mentioned that you could just make them scented instead of dipping them? I believe I read somewhere that you could just put a few pine cones in a ziplock bag with a few drops of fragrance oil and after a few short days the pine cones would absorb the smell? Is this right? Has anyone actually done it this way?

Oh and sorry if this question has been asked before. I try to come on this site often ... but well.... I don't get the chance with kids.. work.. husband.. house... pets... you get my point!;)

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You can scent the pine cones very easily!! :D

Put them in a container...not a baggie. Oils eat most baggies.

I use a bottle with a a sprayer on it to make sure the oil gets all over the cones. Spray them...close the lid and let sit for a few days. Open...smell..spray a bit more...etc. Keep doing that till you have the desired smell. Make sure they are not wet when packaging. If they are to wet, leave the lid off for a few days before you package them.

Ever walk into Walmart back by the fabric area and get knocked in the face with those cinnamon pine cones! :D That is what mine smell like..but way stronger!! LOL

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