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To make that color I would start with just a touch of blue. Dip a tooth pick in the color then the tooth pick into the wax. I not sure but you may need just a touch of green with the blue.

It shouldn't be hard to mix that color just may take lots of tests. Keep notes till you get it right.

Candle man...I love reading your post...no matter what subject is being discussed you always have a great photo to help us visualize your coments.;)

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I had that same request for some wedding candles. I used sky blue chips from Pourette and got the color dead on. HTH

Just to let you know, Pourette is the manufacture of the Reddig-Glo Diamond Candle Color Chips so they are cheeper there. They can also be bought at many other suppliers if you don't want to shop there, but at a higher price. http://www.pourette.com/dept.asp?d_id=6951&l1=6950&l2=6951

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