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Fragrances and Flavors


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It depends on what your nose is partial to. Check out the Bath and Body Works dupes...pretty much all of those will do well in soap, but you might want to check to be sure, just in case, that they are soap safe. It's very hard to suggestion fragrances to another person because it's such an individualized thing. Unlike most people on the this board...I don't particularly like bakery or syrupy sweet scents. I'm more into the florals and fresh, herbally, clean scents so it would be very unlikely that a bakery scent would ever even be suggested by me. If you tell us what types of scents you like, then maybe we could offer some of our favorites, but then again, what we like, you may not like...that's why most of buy 1 or 2 oz samples to try before we buy anything larger.

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