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Lip Balm Labels


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Started playing around with lip balm, labeled my tester tubes- and already found something I don't like. I just hand-wrote a label for the tubes using existing label stock that I have. I don't like the "feel" of any of the labels! I tried regular laser paper labels, "weatherproof" laser avery labels (polyester), some avery clear (matte) inkjet labels, and some vinyl labels. I don't like the texture of any of them. I looked at some store-bought lip balms that I had, and they all have a very glossy, "plastic-y" label on them.

I did see on one store bought tube a label I really liked- plastic-y feel, wrapped around the whole tube, but then also had a perforated "tab" that stuck up onto the cap, that was broken when opened. I also saw one that looked like the whole label was a plastic shrinkwrap type label- it came off entirely when I peeled it, and wasn't adhesive. This one also had a perforated piece for the cap, that snapped off when you opened it.

So... what media do you use for labeling your lip balm?

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That looks like exactly what I am looking for!!! :bliss:

I had some shrink wrap for lip balms from another supplier, and this is much better!

Thanks much! I'm ordering now.

BTW- I ended up ordering about $50 from KB. Why can't I ever just buy the one thing I go to buy at a supplier?? LOL

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