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EMU oil uses....


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What is a good ratio pp to use in MP soap? About the same as any other kind of oil? I just got some of this try out and have never used it before. What other things is it good in? (not looking for trade secrets...just ideas...) Is it pretty much useable as any other kind of emolient type oil? Thanks.

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I make a sore body/muscle rub with mine, that my hubby SWEARS is the best thing since sliced bread!! :D

I also have used it just straight on booboos that may scar etc.

That's one of the ONLY oils I haven't tried in M&P-it's just too dang expensive, and I'm afraid to waste it.

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Emu oil does have a ton of uses, i use it on burns and scars.

I had Alopecia Areata and after reading up alot on it somewhere I read that Emu oil was being used in shampoos and conditioners with great benefit, so I ordered some and was applying it directly to my bald spots and my hair grew back so I swear by Emu oil.

I also use it in my bikini area after shaving to keep the shaving bumps away.


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I make a sore body/muscle rub with mine, that my hubby SWEARS is the best thing since sliced bread!! :D

Same here -- I use it straight on sore spots. Also add it to a lotion mix with glucosamine for joint pain. (drug stores sell this stuff but it's pricey--so I make my own) Emu oil is a great anti-inflammatory - currently using it on my dogs knee - he damaged the legiments. Gave some to a friend for use on his thumb --- joystick syndrome!!!! It's uses are endless.

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I found this list a while back.

I know there are better lists out there, but this will give you an idea

Shutter didn't you post the good list 1 time? or maybe showed us a link?

The Many Uses of Emu Oil

Some of these uses either have been or are in the process of being documented by research studies, while others are from personal experiences.

Acne - helps clear skin more quickly with less scarring.

Allergic reactions - rubbed into the nasal tissues, emu oil reduced uncomfortable symptoms. Some say taken internally it will reduce allergic reactions.

Anti-Aging effect - skin looks older as it ages because it becomes thinner - study recently completed found that skin where emu oil had been used was 2 to 4 times thicker than other skin, thus reducing the aged look.

Arthritis - emu oil reduces pain and inflammation without the negative effects on the stomach and colon of medications taken by mouth.

Bee stings - rub on emu oil for immediate relief of pain.

Burns - speeds healing of burned tissues - reduces pain and scarring.

Canker sores - keeps area moist so skin does not split and bleed - leaves less scarring.

Carrier for medications - studies are now being done to document the ability of emu oil to carry active ingredients from medications below the skin surface into body tissues and into painful joints and muscles.

Chiropractic treatments - relief is quicker and muscles stay relaxed longer, thus lengthening the effectiveness of treatments.

Cholesterol reduction - patent has been issued by U. S. government and application has been made for FDA approval of emu oil taken internally to lower total cholesterol (LDL levels) and raise HDL levels.

Chronic injuries - 50% faster results in healing experienced by professional athletes.

Diabetic bruises - rub on emu oil to reduce these.

Diaper rash - rub on emu oil for quick relief of burning and irritation

Ear ache - rub emu oil on temple and on bump behind the ear for relief.

Eczema - may reduce irritation and inflammation of the skin.

Eye irritation - one person put emu oil directly into his eye and received relief from a constant eye irritation - he commented that clear spring water irritated his eye more than emu oil. Comforting to use on an eye patch.

Feet - some folks have a problem with dry, cracked heels - emu oil and emu oil products have been found to be very helpful in healing tough skin.

Fever blisters - reduces swelling and itching.

Frostbite - rub on frostbitten areas every two hours, or as often as needed, to reduce discomfort.

Growing pains - problem is greatly reduced when emu oil is rubbed into the leg joints before child goes to sleep.

Hair care - acts as a fortifying agent for limp, dry hair and assists in the repair and conditioning of split ends - gives natural, healthy shine.

Hair growth increased - wakens "sleeping" hair follicles after two or more weeks of use.

Hemorrhoids - some have found the oil is more effective in treatment of external hemorrhoids than the most popular over the counter medication.

Injuries - heal more quickly.

Insect bites - reports of reduced swelling and immediate easing of the itching and stinging.

Keloids scarring - rubbing Emu Oil in twice a day may reduce recent keloid scarring and may have an anti-inflammatory action against the formation of new keloid tissue.

Lip care - Emu oil in lip balm has been shown to be an effective chapping and moisturizing agent in both sun and wind burn conditions.

Massage - with emu oil there its more freedom of motion - patient is more comfortable than with other oils - treatment effects last longer.

Migraine headaches - rub emu oil on the temples for relief.

Night leg muscle cramps - cramps are reduced or eliminated when oil is rubbed into leg muscles before sleep.

Nose bleeds - apply to the nasal tissues to prevent.

Popcorn - one person tried popping pop corn in emu oil and found it to be very light and tasteful. Radiation burns - prevents or reduces burning of the skin in those being treated for cancer.

Scalp - significant decrease in dry scalp conditions - effective hair follicle & shaft restoration.

Shingles - eases discomfort.

Skin grafts - take better - both in cases of burns and in other injuries.

Skin rashes - minor to complete relief - especially from those caused by poisonous plants.

Stretch marks - apply emu oil to the skin to prevent these from developing or to reduce old stretch marks.

Sunburn - Seems to exhibit a natural SPF factor by itself - heals skin with no peeling or blistering - turns bum into a tan more quickly.

Ulcers - heard that some folks are drinking emu oil for ulcer treatment.

Varicose veins - claims are that rubbing emu oil on varicose veins relieves pain and reduces swelling.

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Oh Carol why don't you try the chicken fat and let us know. :cheesy2:

Er, ummm, well - I like Emu just fine (it's amazing in those miraculous lotion bars, ya know?!?).

But should I ever go totally bonkers and rub my body with chicken fat I'll make sure my asylum has internet connectivity and will report all about it!

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I've read once about Emu oil being 'nature's 'botox' ;)

I have a tiny bottle I bought months ago together with my mineral makeup.

I use it at night for my face aswell as for my scars (c-section) and bikini area after shaving. Never thought of being able to use it for my kids, but I now sure will! :)

Where do you all buy your Emu oil???

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