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Fall scents


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Hi I was wondering if anyone could suggest a good supplier of F/O and also suggest some good scents to buy for the fall and winter. Also What is the cheapest way to purchase 8 oz jars. I looked on candle science site. They had some for $3.99 a case....... but the shipping brings it up to $11.00 a case. Thanks for any help on these topics. Lisa

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C&S has an awesome Harvest Spice, so far everyone Ive given out candle samples to loves it. Autumn afternoon is another favorite and apple jack n peel.

http://www.jarstore.com/ I like their prices, if you dont have a candle supply co. near you. His include the lids which I end up having to buy individualy anywhere else and I end up saving about 6 bucks even with shipping for a case of 36 jars



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Hi Lisa-I just love Bitter Creek's scents. I have tried autumn spice and it smells absolutely wonderful! I also tried gingerbread, pumpkin spice, pumpkin pie, hot apple pie and just love all of them. Plus, they have 1oz deals too. Here's their website. http://secure.candlesupply.com/catalog_shoppingcart.cfm?title_main=My%20Shopping%20Cart%20Contents&title_bar=My%20Shopping%20Cart%20Contents&process=add&product_catalogid=151&quantity=1&Price=4.9500&Description=1%20ounce%2E&Weight=1.9200&Ship1Box=0&PriceTable=0&ShoppingCartInfoID=2187252

As for the jars, I like Yes Supply. They're fast and shipping isn't too bad.

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millcreek -mcsoywax.com

apple jack n peel

pumpkin spice

harvest spice

christmas eve

christmas splendor

orange clove


claire burke xmas memory

bear claws

fall festivel

all hallow's eve

sugared spruce


autumn leaves


apple butter

brandied fruit

buttered rum

country bumpkin


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Hi, thanks for the info, question can mill Creeks scents be used in parafin, or just soy?? Lisa

Please take this in the manner meant......(helpful!)

Please read and do some searches....if you are wondering if scents can be used in parafin or soy it seems obvious that you are very very new to candlemaking and would benefit from further information which can be gleaned through the reading of back posts.

Alot of what goes into the price of jars is the shipping costs - which supplier is closest to you? Have you visited sites to determine costs of jars and the shipping costs? Do you know what kind of jars you want (other than 8 oz size)? Do you know which wicks you will be using? Are you just testing different types of jars or are you certain of the kinds you want? Shipping is high for jars....shit shipping is high period! :wink2: So the closer the supplier is to you, the cheaper it will be.

Have you read some of the back posts to determine the types of fragrances you want? Many people have many different opinions and reading reviews of fragrances would be most helpful for you in determining which ones you may like to try. You didn't mention the type of wax you are using.....but I would assume (?) it is not soy.....Folks have talked about literally hundreds of fragrances in the fragrance section....you should be able to get an idea of ones you would like to test by reading past reviews of both the fo and the supplier. And frequently, not only do you read about opinions of the fragrances, but lots of other info on wicks, customer service, etc....

Not sure if you know how to use the search function - if you have any problems please just ask and someone will help you out.

Hope this will help a bit............

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