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J225 Grrrrrrrrrrr!!


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Ok, heres the thing, I started using the j225 after I tried the 223...too many wet spots with the 223, so far Ive had good results with the 225 but then tonight I checked the 12oz containers Ive had packed away in a box for a few weeks and there are little round circular spots that are differents from wet spots,and the wax was pulling away from the container in spots!!

Im really frustrated, I thought this would be *the* wax for me, now Im not so sure...I heat my containers like im supposed to, clean them good before, followed the melting instructions for this as well . Any ideas what could cause these?

Also Im open to wax suggestions since I really think I should try some more before limiting myself to this one..I refuse to sell something I myself wouldnt buy!

Thanks for letting me rant..


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