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Strong f/o's in soy??

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I know there is a list here on this thread for suppliers and their scents that throw well in soy but I was wondering if anyone knows a supplier or suppliers that sell REALLY strong f/o's that throw really well in soy?

I have found my previous supplier has become unreliable and it really stinks because their oils were awesome! I'm just really having a hard time trusting another supplier to give me the same quality. It's giving me a headache ... all this in time for busy season too ... ARG! If someone could help me, I would greatly appreciate it!


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my favs

millcreek-mcsoywax.com-all of their oils are tested in pure soy, i have not had any problems with their oils. great throws

thecandlesource.com-great oils, great throw,i have not had any problems with loren's oils.

solascandle.com- great oils, love their autumn leaves, guavaberry, catalpa & others

ng-naturesgardencandles.com-great oils, love the downy fo's

ics-candlesupply.us- great oils need to cure awhile in pure soy. the bear claws is awesome.

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I think you have figured out it like the choice of waxes everyone is different so you are really back to no short cuts. That is why we created the Soy list.

By the way anyone that would like to send me their up dated list for the sticky thread please do. I know there is a bunch more out there so please PM me with any you have tested and liked.

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I think that all of the suppliers sell fragrances that do well in soy. You just have to test and find out which ones. But if you are trying to limit your choices to just a few suppliers then I would stick with those who test all of their oils in soy. But just so you know, I was testing an oil from MC that would not throw for me in para soy or KY125. I then tested it in 100% soy and it throws great. Then I was testing a pumpkin pie spice that the supplier said throws great in soy. I had always poured this in a para soy and it did throw great. Tested it in 100% soy and 464, no throw. I decided to test with the KY125 and the throw was as good or better than my parasoy.

I've been hearing some great things about soycandle.com and will be ordering from them in the future. I like KY, MC, Snowtop and a supplier that is not mentioned very much, Farmhouse. I've added several of her oils.


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