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Press-release as advertising strategy


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I was reading an artichle on writing a press-release (self writing!) on what we do, our products, because many sites don't have the time to write them so they grab what they find on the internet.

Does anyone do this? Do you find it useful?

I registered to a (italian) site which lets me send my press releases... guess I'll try and see what happens!

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Uhmmmmm thank you for your answer!

Actally the site is not related to any magazine.

The press release you wrote is for a specific magazine? Are you sending samples or just the press release?

Anyway thanks for suggestion, I need to find the writer in me! (after finding the webmaster, the PR person, the accountant, the candlemaker, etc!)

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It was just a general press release - you know a good site that helped me was:

www.ehow.com (how to write a press release)

and I also belong to another message board that is full of indie business owners & press release writers, so I bounced alot of ideas off of them too.

Press releases are actually FOR when you are featured in the press (whether it be online, magazine, paper, etc) - they tell all about you and your business.

For instance, mine has a front page with my business name, slogan, web address and phone number - it also has my "look" - colored dots all over. Makes you really want to check it out!

I go to how I started my business, trying to keep it as short as possible because I hear if you talk too much, they don't read it anyway lol

Next three pages are my pics of my products, ingredients and a little blurb about each product. Then we have the last two pages of press like reviews on websites, articles from the local papers and I've only been in one magazine, so I put that in there too.

I then try and see if I can get ahold of someone at X magazine through email or I call sometimes too - then send my best full sized products and my press release & hope for the best :)

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PR Web is an excellent resource. In my former life, I was an Exec. with a non-profit organization and I used them. VERY VERY professional. I wouldn't waste my money on their edit/polish, instead use your money purchasing a book to teach you how to write a good press release or search the web.

.....besides I support local businesses, they are just down the street from me. :-)

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