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Where to order SFIC soap base


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I am running the co-op. The only other place that I could find the soaps was KY candles and the pricing was crazy! Please check out the co-op thread. We are already up to 400 lbs and it's growing. You have to order directly from SFIC if you don't order from KY and SFIC has a huge min. order.



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Wisteria Lane is the best place to buy SFIC for sure. They dont advertise it but Im 99% sure all they carry is SFIC. hard to compare between WL and BB because BB carries several different soap bases and doesnt say which is SFIC.

anyway the soaps are so so good. some lather better than others. My favorite is oatmeal and the mango butter. i like the complexion for a facial soap. but its more of a moisturiser soap. really soft and doesnt lather as well as the harder ones.

Can anyone tell me where the cheapest place is to buy SFIC soap base? Also, does this base have a good lather?


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is that what peaks has? are you sure? I'm going there in a month or so to pick up a few cases of wax and jars.. I was thinking about doing a peaks FO Co-op.. I could do some soap base too, since this will be awhile after the one going on right now is over.

I'm trying SFIC for the first time with this co-op, actually.. so if i like it I would be happy to do that.. we wouldnt pay any shipping to me that way..

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