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paper core wicks

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Hi. I've been wondering about the paper core wicks and soy. I looked up a few places that sell them and they seem to be in sort of in the size range of the cottons...only less of them. So if I used a 51C, would it be the same about in the paper or do they burn hotter? Someone earlier mentioned that they are more rigid and stand up straighter which seems to be a plus. Also, how is the comparison in diameter...one a lot bigger than the other? And, do they work in soy or a parasoy? Lots of questions, but don't want to buy something else that I really don't need. TIA. Beth

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From what I have read the cotton is supposed to be the hottest but from my testing I found them very close. Wicks just burn differently in different waxes so it may burn hotter, I really don't know. I hate to say to much because I tested them so long ago and I can't recall if I tried it in soy or not but didn't like them in paraffin. I didn't like regular cotton in paraffin either but they work great in soy. Sorry, not much help but I'm sure somebody is working with them. It seems I've been hearing of more talk of the paper lately?

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