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My First Votives


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I think I may have actually had some luck with parrafin this time. I used IGI 4794, poured @170, repoured @180. These are eggnog scented. I tried 2 wicks and the LX-14 seems to work best. Those are the photos below.

I didn't level the bottoms yet so I think that's why there is a bit more wax on one side. I will try burning another tomorrow after I level it. Please give me feedback if you see something wrong that I don't see.

One more question... I used wick pins and when I took the pin out there was a very thin break in the wax at the top of the votive where the pin was. I tried to take a photo of it but it's so small that it didn't show up in the photo. Does anyone else get these lines in their votives?

Thanks a lot. This website is so helpful!!

I edited to add a photo of votive pre-burn. :wink2:




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