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Nothing special...but I'm excited! :)


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These are my first bubble bombs that have A) turned out right, B) WILL be solid instead of powder, and C) were actually fun to make!! lol

Usually my "bombs" bomb big time, and they NEVER turn out, so I end up just having powdered bubble bath.

I just made these about 10 minutes ago, so only time will tell if they will actually stay solid or not, but so far so good. Better than any others I've made!

Oh and they are scented Dreamsickle, and will turn the tub water orange. :) (I usally market these towards kids, that's why the I put the water color in there!)



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:drool: WOW Janel they look AWESOME :drool: !! I gave up on the round ones, I can't make them to save my life!

Thanks! I had all but given up on them. I would keep trying different recipe's, different variations of the same recipe, and nothing would work!!

Finally came apon a recipe on here, that I tweaked a little, and viola', ROUND, SOLID bubble bombs!! lol

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:drool: I have the same problem. Could you help me and tell me the recipe?

What did you use for a mold?

I used a meatballer for the mold.

This is the main recipe I used, tweaked a bit. (not much though)


I used FO instead of EO and I used a cup of SLSa, and only 1 cup of baking soda.

This time I did use the sunflower oil, but I think next time I will try it with some Almond oil.

I just got in from work, and it looks like about half of them have cracked around the seam, not bad, but it is noticable. So I will have to work on that. Other than the cracks though, they did firm up and get nice and hard! :)

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I sooooooo have to try these! I bought like four meatballers LOL!! If mine turn to dust I can grab my feather duster and sweep away the mess and try again I guess. How frustrating are these things?

Well, until I got the right recipe, they were VERY frustrating. They would never stick together, or if they did happen to stick, a few hours later they would be nothing but dust and crumbs, OR if they held, by 2 days later they were still so soft that if you touched them they would dent!! lol

Usually when they turned to dust, I would just package them up in powder form and my kids would have powdered bubble bath for a while! lol

But this time that I did them, with this recipe, they weren't bad at all. they have held together, they are now hard as a rock, and with the exception of the ones that cracked, they still look great! :) Even the cracked ones don't look horrible, just not real good. Nothing the right packaging wont cure though. LOL

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