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OY! My feeties are tired! It was a good day. Made 7X booth fee today. Tomorrow is typically slower...we shall see. Last year my average sale was $9 so I made up my scratch offs that if your order totalled $15 you could scratch and win a % off or free product...I talked three people into shopping more to get the chance to scratch! I don't remember how many got scratched today, but I call that one a hit.

Now, I need a rum and coke and a soak in the tub!

edited 9-18 I had 4 less sales than last year, but my average sale jumped from $8.83 to $11.17. And the top seller was Warm Pumpkin Crunch!

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Well, Sunday was slower for me, as expected. Still did 3X booth so it was better than sitting at home!

It's always a good show when you learn something....I shall pass on my wisdom.

Crocs really are the most comfortable shoes for doing a show. I wore my "normal" show shoes yesterday - tired tootsies. Today, I wore the crocs and what a difference!

When an application asks if you have a prefernce in space, state "NOT FACING WEST". Afternoons were a real challenge. I'm happy to state that UV inhibitor does work, though.

I haven't done my totals and can't really think of one scent that went well over the others...really a mix of fall and all season scents.

here's some pics...

booth front

booth side

new ornies and air fresheners

my handsome helper

and me!






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Nice set up there Georgia!!

WTG on your sales-as my 6 yr. son would say, "SWEEEEEET"!! :D

Oh and that handsome young man there MUST be your son huh? It looks like you spit him out!! LOL

Great tips (especially the crocs-although I don't think they are very attractive, I'm all for ANY kind of shoe that helps out with the sore tootsies)!!

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