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Ecosoya VB

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I'm using this for tarts right now. I like the PB much better but I ran out and I had a case of the VB lying around so I'm trying to use it up. I notice if I don't pour at just the right temp I'll get a circular crack around the tart. Also I can't pour too high up on the mold or it'll crack. I usually pour at about 150 and stop just short of the top of the mold and I don't have any problems. I would definitely suggest using the PB though once you run out of this stuff.:wink2:

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justrightcandles, I use the eco PB for my tarts but mix it w/ 1/2 eco pure. I still get the sinking in the center though. I have had a request for the chunks. How do you make them? I was thinking just pour your wax in a big baking dish and break it up. Is this what you do? Thanks! ~Dana

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Yup that is what i do. But VB that i use it is so brittle. i have added cb (containter blend)to my tarts and they are much smoother and i did not get that ring in the middle.

When i used the paraffin to make chunks i would pour it in a cookie sheet and when it set up enough to cut through it i scored it to make little squares and when it was completely done you just pop it out and break up the pieces. it is very easy.

I have made some chunk tarts with the ecosoya vb and they came out pretty good. they smeared a lot though. I wonder what will happen if i make the chunks out of paraffin and poured the ecosoya vb over it....hmmm....i will let you know. :D

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