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WSP Luxury Body Mist


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I'm about to use WSP's Luxury Mist for the first time(will use it for myself & family/friends only, for now, until I've tested it extensively). I know some of you on this board use it & are happy with it. Could someone tell me how much FO I'd use if I were making small, one ounce sized spray bottles of it, in order to test many fragrances, in small testing batches? Thank you so much.

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Not to be a buttinsky but you can get the exact same product from The Candle Source a heckuva lot cheaper.


Oh well! Next time! But it's ok for this time cause I was ordering other stuff as well. But good to know! Not a "buttinsky" at all! Hey, we should always tell each other where the good deals are. Thanks;) !

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If you are making one ounce sizes to test all your fragrances, maybe you can use some of these guidelines that were suggested in other posts that had to do with that particular Body Mist Base(some were from me! when I was trying to figure out % too on smaller amounts!!):

One post said:

It says to use 1/2 teaspoon per 16 ounces and that is .5%.

Another post said:

I use this spray and I put 4ml per 6oz..so for two oz you would use 1.3333333 ml

And another one said:

it comes out to like 1/16th of a tsp for 2 ounces

I suck at math when dealing with small amounts. Much easier to figure out on 8 and 16 ounces. Maybe someone else can chime in & figure out what it would be.

Just cut the 1.3333 ml in 1/2 I guess.

Or figure out what 1/32 of a tsp is: HaHAHAHAHA!!! I couldn't figure that out if my life depended on it!!:laugh2: !!

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