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Gel Questions


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Ok.. I have never made a gel candle in my life!! LOL

I have bought some and have mixed feelings. I like the look, and smell at first is usually ok.. but then when I burn them I have been disappointed. Most don't smell when burning like a soy or paraffin candle. Most burn crappy, soot and die. Why?

I had thought I would like to start making gel, but not sure if I want to if this is the way they all are. I don't want to sell crappy candles.

Anyone with advice, help, and such. Please :D

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first of all, gel candles have a better cold thro than hot throw (usually)

sooty burning comes from improper wicking and failure to keep to keep the wick trimmed to the right height.

you need to test (make sample candles) to learn the proper amount of non-polar fragrance, wick size, and coloring.



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