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Who has Cute Christmas Jars this year?


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Yeah yeah I know that - I'm not new to the game. LOL

(hence the "I personally")

In the years I've been doing business, I've never seen the holiday containers come out until October 1st - but that is just the suppliers I deal with. There are dealers that have them year round, you just have to look around.

PS - Anyway I've been looking at your damn ticker for the last 3 months cringing anyway Candle Man ;)

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Well, then I guess I have to wait! LOL I just wanted to start early testing.

If you have a Tax ID resale # there are wholesaler's you can get items earlier than Oct.

I have one gift supplier I have to order Christmas from in March or they sell out of most items for the year, then it's delivered when I want in the Fall.

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