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My 1st Chunky Candle and Tarts


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Can you tell I got a new mold?

It is the chunk mold , no more making them myself .

I made a Flower Pot Candle - chunks are - Peanut Butter the remaining pour of wax is Hersheys Chocolate so I named it - Reeses Peanut Butter Chunk Candle .

The Tarts are Banana scented and the chunks are Strawberry scented so I named them - Banana Split




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The Peanut Butter scent is from Candlewic OMGosh it is to die for , smells just like Peanut Butter ...

The molds sell on ebay they are a biut high but worth it ..

I love them , I made chunk tarts just by them selves . LOL

On the White Wax I get my wax at a local wholesale house and they sell pre colored pre treated wax , I got all of it last year when they were on clearance $1 a pound slab .. I got every color they had too =)

This is not my auction but I pulled it up on EBay to show you the molds


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