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This may be a seem to be a silly question however I can't for the life of me find the answer to it.

let say you were going to use 6% FO in your formula and you are starting with 100oz of wax, does this mean

A) you use 100oz of wax and add 6oz of FO for a total of 106oz


B) you use 94oz of wax and add 6oz of FO for a total of 100oz

or in other words, do you calculate of FO% on top of or within any giving wax amount?:confused:

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B is the answer if you want to do it in terms of percent concentration, but some people do A. It doesn't so much matter as long as you have a consistent system worked out, but here's a summary of the popular methods. http://www.onestopcandle.com/candle/canmeasures.php

Scroll down to where it says Working with Wax Formulas.

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