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Bath Bomb and fo amnt and food dehydrator ?s


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I think I may have added too much fo to my bath bombs. I used kangarooblue's recipe as a start, but I wanted Blue Sky fo

kangaroo's recipe:


2 c baking soda

1 c citric acid

1 c cornstarch


1/3 c safflower oil

1 1/4 T peppermint e/o

2 T water

Instead I used

2 Tablesppons Blue Sky fo

I can smell the bombs drying thru the house, so now I'm wondering if I read the recipe wrong

Should I have read the eo to be teaspoons instead of tablespoons?

Another bath bomb question: Is it okay to use a food dehydrator (the thing used to make fruit rolls) to dry the bath bombs? I am thinking about drying them for 4 hrs at 135 degrees

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Thank you for both of your help. The bombs were soft enough to crush by hand, so I decided to try to blend it with a half batch of unscented bomb mix. I am trying to dry it with the food dehydrator and will check up on it in 2-4 hours.

I'll let you know later if the bombs stayed together or if I have a batch of fizzy soak.

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Well, the food dehydrator was a nice theory, but the reality did not measure up. First, the bomb mold had to be short in order to fit the tray. Then, I tried to dry out the bombs at 135 for awhile. Checked up on them a few minutes ago and found almost all the tops were crackled. I need to learn the art of patience when crafting bath bombs. :rolleyes2

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I asked about the dehydrator for curing soaps a while ago and got a big fat "don't do it" cause people tried that too!

Also, don't stick your bombs directly under the AC vent. I figured with the ambient humidity I'd put them there in the nice cool, dry air. The things got wartles ALL over and were a total sweaty mess.

RT seems the way to go!

And fizzy soaks are really nice...

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