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Darwin's soap recipe....CUT Pics added


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Ok, I decided to try doing layers, so first I did a one pound batch and colored it cherry pink, it turned purple while I was stirring it and then came back to it's intended cherry pink, thank goodness. :)

I did the second one pound batch and added in my green colorant, and it started changing right away, first a golden color then an army green, so I tried adding a bit more green, but it kept coming back to this ugly army greenish yellow color, then I added the FO.....

HOLY Crap, it started curdling on me, and I thought, "Oh no you don't, I did not work this hard and long for you to get all funky on me!!""

So I just beat the heck out of it with my stick blender and it smoothed out and then changed to a kind of peachy/mauve almost like the skin colored crayola. ;)

I thought what the heck it's better than diarreah green/yellow, so I poured it onto the pink, and did some funky thing with the top and added some glitter thinking it would help a bit. ;)

Here it is just after I got it in there:


I checked on it about 10 minutes later and this is what was happening to it :tongue2:


The top is now fully this ugly GREY color-Totally ugly, but hey it smells good. ;)

I just hope it comes out of the mold (plastic drawer organizer)-I used Pam, but I can't remmber how I got my other soaps out (it's been a while since I made CP soap). ??

Pretty FUGLY but it was kind of fun to watch this batch morph and morph and morph again. LOL


Ok, it didn't turn out the color I wanted, well the top didn't but it's not really that ugly after all. ;) It's not as true grey as this pic. shows more a taupey greyish brown-would be perfect color combo for choc. covered cherries or something similar. ;)

I've been using a teeny little soap ball of this and even though it's not cured it's really nice soap-Thanks a bunch Darwin!!!! Mwaaah :)

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It was morphing in the pot AND after it was poured, but it heated up somethin' fierce so I guess it was gellin' when it started turning that dark grey color??

Ok, I may have to wait for this thing to dry out really good before I can get it out of the mold, cuz it sure aint budgin'. :undecided

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Looks ok to me! And, I am partial to that recipe.

Oh nothin' to complain about your recipe Darwin, I already think it rocks (yes I cheated and tried a piece of it yesterday when I cut it). :D

It's not as bad as it looked when it was "gellin'" I cut it up last night and my daughter likes it (my biggest critic ;) ), and even though I'm not really thrilled with the top color, it's not too bad.

Off to download the cut pics.

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