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Fall/Holiday Scents

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Crap! I never even thought about that. I have had Amish Harvest either burning or on a warmer as well as Streudel and Spice. I've been wondering why I've had more headaches than usual the past couple of weeks. Just thought it was the DH situation! Never even considered the fo. But I love the way these two smell. Gotta be the DH.

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I've been pouring a lot of wick testers this week and often ending the day with a splitting headache.

When I pour a bigger batch I use this with the organic vapor cartridge and it's super effective. Can't even smell a thing. http://www.uline.com/Browse_Listing_992.asp?desc=Reusable+Respirators+%26+Supplies

However, if I'm pouring and wick testing at the same time I opt for this.


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I have had to do away with certain scents in my candle line because of them making me sick when I pour. I still have a few on the line and would have some ticked of customers if I took them off too! So if I have to make them they are the last batch of the day, I go back upstairs (candle shoppe in basement), shut the door and it's not too bad.

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