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Halloween "Bleeding" Candles


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Couple questions:

I had a request for a pillar candle that "bleeds" for halloween.

Has anyone ever made one? I have seen tapers in stores...red candles dipped in white....so much that you can't really see the red inside...I'm just wondering how hard this is going to be...lol...and if it would even look good as a pillar instead of a taper??

Scents...I thought about NG's Dragon Blood...though I have heard of it...never smelled it though...is it good?? Really isnt much there to go by as far as smell like whatever.

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I think it would look good. But your going to probable have to wick up so you MP overflows. As for the Dragons Blood, I personally like the scent. But it is sort of a love it or hate it FO it seems. If you like patchouli or nag champa your going to like the scent. But if there not your cup of tea Dragons Blood is the scent for you.

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Walgrens had some bleeding eye candles. I have no idea how they work!


If they are like the tapers I saw...as they burn...the red wax inside runs down the side of the candle and it makes it look like its bleeding.

I saw skulls at WalMart... if I wanted a "bleeding" candle...I would go for a halloween shape not a plain pillar but a lady who contact me is having a halloween party and wants 6 - 10 of these.

So far I have made the red inter candle...now just waiting for it to dry before I start dipping it in white. I will have to post some pictures of these if it turns out!!

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