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John Doe Bath fizz


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Help! I need a name. As I became bath bomb challenged in my last thread, and a helpful hint didn't work for me, I decided to take my crumbled bath bombs and simply sell them as a fizzy bath powder.

Here's the new problem...I can't think of a decent name/description for it. I don't need a company name, just something that says what it is, other than calling it fizzy bath powder! :rolleyes2

Can anyone give me some suggestions? (I hope!)

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I haven't responded because I just saw this, plus I am horrible with names. All I can think of is;

Fizzy Bath Powder

Granulated Fizzies

Bath Fizzies


Body Ticklers

Butt Ticklers :shocked2:

HaHa, "Butt Ticklers" You know those face washes that make your face tingle, I just pictured sitting in a bath and your butt start to tickle because of the powder. Sorry, for that, but that's what I pictured.

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The name is The Lotion Studio. I generally have pretty ordinary, middle of the road packaging. I try to go for simple packaging. I really don't know what you would call it. It's not a modern trendy look, nor is it country/primitive. I guess, it's kind of boring, but since I sell things in my store and I wholesale it to other stores I try to keep the packaging so that it can fit in with a variety of styles.

My new "Butt Tickler/ Fizz-takes" are being packaged in kraft tin-tie bags with a window. All I have done to the bag so far is use a strip of that sheer netting material (I can't think of the real name for that material right now) to tie a scoop on to the side of the bag. I tried to make it look a little "girly."

So, I don't know if that little bit of information helps or not. It's right in front of me, and it's not inspiring me with any names!

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions so far. I hope you'll keep them coming.

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