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I have pretty good luck with JS in tarts and wickless w/ 50/50 blend. I really like:

pumpkin nog

vanilla patchouli

citrus linen h20

country kitchen

frost bite (great chocolate/mint fo...love it!)

baby magic

captivatingly currant (very strong)

pink petals (gives me a headache....strong)

caramel apple (yummy)

There's others that throw for me that I don't like (like lookout point and festival of lights)....and some I didn't like at all were coconut bubble and passionate purple. Just didn't care for them and they didn't throw very well.


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I am a big fan of JS. I can't speak for soy, but in my blend these really rock!

Cinnamon Cider - one of my favorite scents

Country Kitchen


Becky's Ultimate Vanilla

Amber Romance

Chula Hyancith Orchard (this is so strong, not one of my favorites, but one of my friends loves it, so make it for her)

Berry Balsam

Ginger Berry Wreath (dont' really like that one, but it does kick)

Chestnuts and Brown Sugar (runs me out of the house strong)

I really need to try this Frost Bite. Guess I am going to have to order it....LOL...darn it!

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Does anyone know if JS throws good in J223? I see alot posted in the classys but they don't look like they sell too well. GInger

I've just started experimenting with JS FO in J223 and have found several

favorites that throw awesome! Summer Splash is really strong and

lingers for a long time. I Love that one! Flirt and Girl's Night Out are

softer scents, but fill up a room quickly. I also just ordered Hawaiian

White Ginger.....love that one too! Cashmere is really nice too.

I have tried a few of the food scents in paraffin as votives and found

Vanilla Buttercream Crunch, Country Kitchen and Caramel Cinnamon

Latte are really strong. I still have tons more to test!



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Here would be my fall rec's:

Nana's Old Fashioned Apple Butter :drool:

Cinnamon Rolls with Vanilla Frosting (this is a great year-round scent...absolutely dead-on true to it's name...strong!!!)

Country Kitchen (this just screams THANKSGIVING!!!)

Pumpkin Nog

Caramel Apple

Candy Corn

Chestnuts and Brown Sugar (WONDERFUL!)

Brown Sugar Pecan

Blueberry Cheesecake OR My Mama's Blueberry Cobbler...these are both great.

My Secret Recipe (a creamy eggnog...)

Christmas Splendor

Cranberry Spice or Cranberry Sauce (they're different from one another...cranberry spice is a sweet and spicey smell...CS is tart, and true to it's name...both are good).

Caramel Cinnamon Latte (Sweet baby Jesus!!!!!!! This one is wonderful!!! Very much a true coffee scent, if you're into that...)

Snickers Coffee Blend (this one is new as of last week, I poured it, and my, do I love it. It's chocolately, it's gooey, and loaded with coffee...this one is one of my new favorites.)

Boysenberry Spiced Clove...LOVE this smell. Another good one year-round.

Hillbilly Fixin's...this is NOT anything like NG's Hillbilly Homebrew (which I love as well), but is a wierd, mysterious, wonderful smell. I think they were trying to come up with a softer voodoo/Ozarks/Deliverance type of thing...love this oil.

Vanilla Buttercream Crunch (good all year-round).

Becky just put on the web site their new Sweet Potato Pie fragrance...it's on sale as an introductory offer. I'm excited! And their new Snickerdoodle FO as well!

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The ones that I'm using for fall/winter are:

Christmas Splendor

Chestnuts & Brown Sugar

Orange Clove

Pumpkin Pie Spice

These are awesome in my 50/50 soy blend. :thumbsup:

What diameter jars and which wicks do you use for each? I'm using this wax and haven't been able to find a wick that gives me a full melt pool, unless I'm using a very small jar.

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Chestnuts and Brown Sugar

Vanilla Buttercream Crunch

Birthday Cake

Southern Style Vanilla

Silky V Vanilla

Blueberry Cobbler

Brown Sugar Pecan

Buttery Brown Sugar

Cafe Vanilla Latte

Captivatingly Currant

Christmas Splendor

Country Kitchen

Green Apple

Fabulous Fudge

Lemon Sugar


Oatmeal Scotchies

Pumpkin and Pralines


Sugared Clementine Spice

Toffee Macchiato

there are more, I just can't think of them right now!

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