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When do you start offering Christmas scents?


When do you offer Christmas scents to your customers?  

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  1. 1. When do you offer Christmas scents to your customers?

    • September
    • October
    • November
    • December

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September? October? November? December?

I might need to re-think my pouring schedule for Christmas scents, as I'm already getting requests for several types. :undecided When do you start selling Christmas scents? When do you CUSTOMERS like to start buying Christmas scents for personal use in home fragrance?

I'd love to post this as a poll but am clueless. Let's see if I can take a stab at it anyway. ROFL

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NOW..it is starting to cool off and people are thinking warm and spicy scents it seems..so I start them for September.. Sept/Oct has been the start of the Holiday season when I have worked other retail places as well.

When I was at Kirklands we were getting Christmas merchandise in early August. :confused:

I sold alot of Cany Cane melts this month in my booth.

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Well.. Yankmee's mail catalog just came today, and their Christmas scents are now available.. Food for thought girl..

(oh, and they have scratch n sniff for 2 of their halloween scents, and they are not the normal stickers used for scratch n sniff. They are smooth, glossy, and pretty. Man those idiots with the bad candles sure know how to market!)

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If you use soy wax then you need to pour 1 month before you bring them out, so they will have cured. So if you bring out Christmas scents in September then you need to pour in August.

I've already got most of them poured up. It's just a matter of sticking them onto my website. Didn't think I needed to until October! That's when I usually put them on there. LOL

Sigh ... off to fix up my Christmas candle paragraph. ROFL

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I don't do holiday candles or holiday b&b - but I am one of those people that can't STAND to see Christmas stuff out early. November is ok, but when they start bringing it out in Sept, Oct - I get mad lol

September is for fall - mums, haystacks, pumpkins

October is for Halloween

Then you can bring out the Christmas LOL (can't you tell we don't decorate much for the holidays??)

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