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Label problems


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I know you guys are probably tired of me but I really need your help. I have 2 different kinds of jars - 14oz capri jars and 14oz studio jars. I have 1 3/8"

x 2 1/2" oval clear labels. I printed up the labels and went to stick them on the jars and the top and bottom of the label wants to kinda pucker and not stick to the glass. What did I do wrong? Not big enough labels? Uggghhh!!!

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Isn't the surface of those jars curved top to bottom?

Sometimes you can get away with a very squat label on a curved jar (just a logo basically) if you stick it on the flattest part. Sometimes you can label the neck. Other possibilities are to use a hang tag and/or a round label on the lid.

Putting your main label on the side is practical when there's a generous area that's straight up and down.

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