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Titanium Dioxide in CB Advanced???


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I guess not huh???

I poured two different FO'S using white colour block, and they won't burn at all!! Doing a search I found that "it clogs the wick"..

Is there a way to make a pure white soy candle.. or I just forget about that.. and just leave them natural!!

Help please!!

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I usually add colours in my candles, but I have a couple of xmas FO's that I wanted to pour pure white! One of the fragrances I want to use is fairly dark.. (Sleighbells for JS) It's almost an amber, which is why I tried to use that whitener block stuff.. but the whole mix came out really opaque and extremely hard to mix properly! Even when it burns it's opaque! Not too pretty, and of course it doesn't burn right either...

Thank you realmarcha for responding though, and trying to help!!:smiley2:

I was hoping on getting a bit more help on this....

Oh well... I tried!

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I haven't seen Breanna around for a while but she's good about figuring out what works. She's mentioned using the powder whitener from BCN with good results. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. http://www.candlesupply.com/dyes.html

Personally I don't love the idea of putting pigment in the wax but maybe you could try this one and see how it does. Use just a little.

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The only white colour block I have tried came with a warning that it was not suitable for colouring a whole candle as it would clog the wick. The supplier recommended using it only in wax as an over dip, maybe that would work for you.

Personally I prefer my soy candles undyed.


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Thank you sooooooooo much Top for your reply!! And thank you for the link!!

I still have so much more learning to do about colours, liquid, chips, powder, etc. It is almost overwhelming!!!! I will probably try the powder, but just not yet. I think for now I'll just go with natural for the white candles that I want.

I found one of your posts on colours types for uses in soy, etc.. Extremely interesting...


And thank you Sally!!! That is a super great option.. overdipping, but I think I'm almost afraid to try using that stuff now!!! I might try it though.. later on down the road!!

I do have another question though.. which I guess I should start in another thread!!

Thanks again everyone!! Really appreciated!! :)

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