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Whipping wax


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I melt paraffin and wait until it is cool enough to start forming a "skin" on top. Then I have at it with an electric mixer. You can also whip it with a fork as it cools, but be prepared to have tired hands. LOL Electric mixer is easier. Then you can just fork it right onto your candle. Looks like whipped cream or frothy topping. I've got a pic of an ice cream soda candle I did ages ago using whipped wax ... maybe I can track it down so you can see what it looks like.

I put a hand-rolled red wax "cherry" on top too. Don't ask why, 'cos it was a strawberry scented soda candle. :laugh2:

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I do just like AJ, but I use a small whisk instead. I've only made small batches. It makes great (and totally realistic) foam for beer candles!

AJ, what's with the cherry thing? I do the same thing with my strawberry sundae candles! I don't know why I feel I must have the cherry on top of everything! Seems naked without it.

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Post pics! :)

I started making novelty candles when I was all of about 13 years old. Whipped wax "ice cream" candle creations were among my very first candles, so I have some fond memories. Swiped mom's electric hand-held mixer and set up shop in my parents' basement.

Of course I used the candles for decoration .... never troubled myself to actually test burn them. :laugh2:

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Hey All:

I bought a mixer at a dollar store and found a small container to whip the wax. It did turn out nicely but not what I was looking for.

I want that effect inside my candle shell - this method pretty much was for the top - and did exactly what you all told me it would.

I am on another quest to figure out how to make my candle wax look like it is whipped but more lumpy - like it has a dimension to it.

Thanks so much

Andi Wood

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