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Looking for Tapered Flower Mold for Cut and Curl Candles

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Does anyone know where I can find a tapered flower (scalloped shape) mold that can be used to make cut and curl candles? I have been making candles for a few years, but a friend wants me to experiment and make her unity candle! I have never done a cut and curl candle before. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks:rolleyes2

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The scallop mold wont work very well, you need a star mold. Either tapered or not, but def. a star mold.

the reason, is on a star mold the edges are sharp on your core candle, and you need that because after dipping them 20-25 times, they are no longer sharp, but rather dull and rounded, and to use the scallop I would think the edges would disappear completely after all the dipping.

Good luck, and it def takes practice to get good at the cut n curl. :)

I've been doing the cnc for about 9 months now, and still need lots of practice. :)

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