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New investment!!!


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Good afternoon-

I am pleased to announce that my mother is going to invest in me to start a candle biz!

I am so excited and just have a few queastions for you all.

Is there anything that you can think of, beside the everyday candle supplies, that I would nee that I am not thinking of!

A diffrent opinion always seems to spark remembering something!

Also just wanted to say that I have been lurking for awhile now and this is a great site, with loads of wonderful info!

Thanks Stacey

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Um, are you currently making candles or are you still learning or have you never made a candle? If you're still learning or just starting out,your mother might want to wait until you actually have a product which to sell.

If you've been making candles for awhile, then again you need to get into craft shows to market yourself and your candles before opening a business or store front. You have to have people wanting to buy your candles before you open a business. You do that by doing craft shows and home parties and a web site.

The dollar today is too tight for people to "try" a candler out in a store where overhead is built into the price. If your product is worthy of the price fine but you won't get them to buy them until they can try them without overhead costs built into the price.

That's the reality of business.:undecided

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Is you mom actually investing into a business or just you getting started?

If you're just starting, you will need all the basic supplies for what you are actually going to do (ie. container candles will need wax, FO's, dyes, jars,wicks, etc.) but you will find once you get into this, that you will never ever have enough money for everything you want to buy. :D LOL

You'll want to try every fragrance oil that strikes your fancy, you'll see jars and/or molds that you "just have to have" etc. etc. etc.

There's labels, and pour pots, and wicks, and wax, and FO's and and and and................................

The list basically just goes on forever and ever. ;)

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