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best suppliers.


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everyone will have their favs.. and for different reasons, some for price, some for quality and some for convenience...

I order from peaks, WSP, carolina candle, and brambleberry.. I have tried others and will sometimes to get a great deal.. but the bulk of what I buy comes from the first 3..

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www.candlewic is great for molds, additives and wax.

www.candlescience are my wicks (have not tried their fo, but soon!)

www.peaks.com fo

www.justscent.com fo

www.candlesandsupplies.com fo, colors, wax

www.wholesalesuppliesplus fo, some wicks

www.longwyckcandleworks.com fo

www.bubblesnlights.com fo

www.bittercreek.com fo

that's all for now, there are so many!


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I get most of my supplies from Peak cause no other big supplier will ship flat rate to Hawaii and their fo and service rocks. I also order from FancyCat Candles in GA. , I started out with them and they have good deals, service and good quality fos also. I get my 6628 from them.

Some people here have been nice enough to order me some supplies and ship them to me and that really helps. You guys know who you are :)

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