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Astorlite RUMOR !

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Well I got it sraight from IGI if you want to believe it or not its up to you.

I will post the E-Mail message here:



There is no intention of discontinuing these products. They are very popular blends in the marketplace and complement IGI's line of container candles very well.

Kind regards,

Sherry Everett

Director of Market Development


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Carolina Candle Scents

Tuesday, August 30, 2005 1:37 PM

Everett, Sherry

Astorlite J waxes

There is a rumor going around on some of the message boards as to Astrorlite plans to discontinue the popular J series waxes, including J50, J223, and J300.

I was wondering if you could possibly confirm or deny these rumors being posted on some candle making message boards.


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It only makes good Business sense to continue to sell and market the Astorlite Brand Container waxes. Even thought IGI now owns the Astorlite name, it has a good reputation in the market place.

I have a feeling IGI will continue to manufacture the Astorlite along with their own name brand waxes as well.

Why discontinue a whole brand, when you can have TWO, and reap the benefits of BOTH.

I think I could compare this to the recent Sears/Kmart merger, now know as Sears Holdings. Kmart bought out Sears I think way back in March, but they are keeping the Sears name, and when they transition to one store they will have brands from both stores.

I think this is what IGI is doing with the Astorlite brand waxes, like Sherry Everett said, they complement IGI’s line of waxes very well.

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I meant to post on this earlier today but got sidetracked. Yes this was just a rumor according to the email we received today from IGI. I believe there was probably just a misunderstanding when someone there mentioned discontinuing the Astor waxes... they are only going to stop making them in their Texas plant' date=' but that does not mean that they are completely dropping those waxes all together. They will still be produced in their PA plant. The only way they will drop any of the J series waxes is if they don't end up selling enough of them, but that would be far off in the future if it ever was to happen. The Texas plant not producing these waxes will not affect us carrying them [/quote']

Got this off another Board, just an FYI

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