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Does Anyone know where I can get...?

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Hi Everyone,

I am trying to find the Fragrance Oil called Eucalyptus Mist. I have only seen 2 candle companies that use the scent for their fragrance but I haven't seen any suppliers that have the scent. I only see Eucalyptus on the suppliers.

Please if any of you know any suppliers that I can get Eucalyptus Mist from I would greatly appreciate it. My friend loves that scent and I want to surprise with it. I am a newbie and I am just learning all the ends and outs of everything! I still have a long way to go! TIA!!!


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I'm not too hot on this fragrance so I can't judge what its actually supposed to be like, but Candle Cocoon (Lyschel) carries a "Eucalyptus". Another FO that they have that to me smells like it is Herbal Rosemary.

Here are the user evaluations for Herbal Rosemary:


I'm not sure where the one for Eucalyptus is, somewhere on her evaluations board I guess ... I really like the way people test the FOs there and post - right on the suppliers' board while the FO is being developed.


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