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Cleaning STAINED(from dye) Silicone molds....


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Does anyone know if I can bleach silicone molds? I have the red/wht/blue stained electric candle mold. Trying to do more wht than other two colors, but when I take candle out of mold you can see on the wht where the red and blue were from the previous pour. Any help is much appreciated :smiley2: .

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Hmmm Glad I read this thread.

This is good to know since I am borrowing 3 of Jeans pretty molds.

She only ever used white wax in them and here I went and used bright red!!! Shhh... don't tell her she will kill me.

Just hope I can get them clean before she gets them back... :eek:

Now I know how to clean mine.....

Oh, Jean ......JUST KIDDING!!!!:laugh2:

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