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Natures Garden Fo's


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Just looking for feedback on their fragrance oils.....

Looking for strong bakery scents and I came across them on the web....just wondering if you guys like them and which ones do you recommend?

Also....any FO's that are typically heavy in your experience from them, can you let me know please.....HATE A JAR CANDLE THAT HAS FRAGRANCE OIL POOLS (even though I am using 1oz per lb of paraffin wax)....

Thanks in advance!!!


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Coconut Cream Pie - No. 1 seller and I got through lbs of this FO every month. (made 12 pillars just today with it).

Also, Old Fashioned Banana Pudding is the best Banana Cream Pie ever made! Their Hot Baked Apple Pie is wonderful....trying to think of the other sweet ones I use. I have an entire cabinet of just NG scents and love them.

Oh yeah, Carrot Cake, Cinnamon buns and Oatmeal, Milk & Honey.

Other scents, that aren't sweet, that I love, are Satin Sheets, Birds of Paradise, Pomegrante...just can't remember the others off the top of my head.

Some scents aren't great, some are divine, just like any other FO company. But most of the time you can't go wrong.


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I've purchased many scents from Natures Garden and have been very happy with them. I get most of my scents from Peak and Natures Garden, with the occassional purchases from WSP, SOS, and Lone Star. However, WSP (shipping costs are quite steep) and SOS can be very pricey so I only buy from them if I can't find a scent I want anywhere else.

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Yep, they are good, never had a bummer yet and I've tried probably 20 or more of them. They get good throws plus do well in soap and lotions.:D

I was bummed when they got rid of their ones like water, earth, fire etc. Those smelled soooo good, best sellers here and I can't find them anywhere else. Candle cocoon's Rare Earth comes really close to the earth scent so that's good but still can't find the others.:undecided

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Thank you for all the help!! I have placed an order for the following:

Hot Buttered Rum

Raspberry Zinger

Best Friends

Pumpkin Crunch Cake

Hillbilly Homebrew

Fig Lychee

Coconut Cream Pie

Spiced Cranberries

Hot Orange Danish

Dump Cake

I'll let you all know feedback once I make candles with them....

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you all forgot the one BIG seller for bakery scents... Hot Orange Danish.... it makes the whole house smell great.. I use it in the JOY wax in 8 and 16 oz Apothecary jars....:D

edit..... ok.. I just scrolled down and saw that someone had ordered it.. you cant go wrong with that FO at all.... I currently am using about 40 FO's from NG...

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Hi Everyone!!!

I just got my Nature Garden order.....

LOVE the FO's....with the exception of Fig Lychee (why did I buy this one? ) I can't even describe the scent....but on their site they have all this fruit for a picture....thinking okay fruity, I can do that....

NO!!! Fruity it is not!!! It smells more like burnt mud in dark woods..... (not even kidding)!!!

I wouldn't even feel good selling this in the classified....I'll just suck that one up!!!

All the rest are FABULOUS!!!



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Hey Denise,

Have you poured the Fig Lychee yet? Smells totally different once it's in wax. Even better while burning. I thought it smelled like cough syrup when I first got it but it's become a big seller. JMO. Have fun with the rest of your order!!


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