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135 done... 437 to go...


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Holy Moly Trish! did you get that melter, LOL?


Ohhh, I wish! I am OUT of moo-la right now. All these orders received net 30 day terms from that guy that sold them for me (grrrr!) so until I start getting payments, I'll keep struggling with the presto. I have a system now so it's not too bad.

I need to empty my container wax presto and have a "melting" presto and a "melted" presto.

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Wow, that is unbelievable! And with TWO prestos?!

Actually, these were all done with one presto! LOL I need to empty another one to get two going, but it won't make a huge difference because I don't have any more molds! LOL

How many molds are you using?

I'm using 30 molds, 10 in each size (3x3, 3x4.5 and 3x6).

I had one order that HAD to ship today. I was worried because my pillar boxes were in transit and I didn't know if they would arrive in time. They did, luckily! The second order is just about done (need to shrink wrap 10 sets). Feels good to start making some progress.

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you go gurl!

And I think I have someone else interested in ordering a couple thousand from you -

I told em you could have em' all ready in a week and the terms would be net 60 days . . . .


ROFLMAO! Love it! Now get your ass over here and help me! :P

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