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Had to get my hurricane on here while...


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:o OMGosh, all of you are just sooo sweet. I never expected all of those compliments! Thank you so much. The picture canes will be an addiction for me. lol. To answer some questions, this is only a 3" mold, so I can't sell them that small, just for practice. I would say you need at least a 4" wide mold? :grin2:

I have so many plans with these for the Holidays. ;p

Well, I had Christina when I was 22 almost 23, not too young. She is 23 and has two boys. This picture was taken at Jared's(her oldest) BD party this past April. I love being a grandma! Anyway, thanks again for the compliments.

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You definitely have a talent for 'canes, and are beautiful to boot! :wink2:

You definitely need to use at least a 4" mold, and preferably a 5". I have a 4" with an insert and as long as I use tea lights with plastic cups centered exactly in middle, it works fine. I want to get a nice tall 5" to work with next.

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