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USPS, APO/FPO Friendly Suppliers

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Hey, everyone who is in my situation!

Here is a list of websites I have found to be able to ship USPS for us U.S. Military families stationed overseas. I have contacted most of them to verify, so to save you from doing your own asking... Hope this helps! I know there are more, but I am still searching!

Candle Supplies (Wicks, Wax, FO, etc.)

A Scent Shop: http://www.ascentshop.com/fragranceoils-a-c.html

Aztec: http://www.ascentshop.com/fragranceoils-a-c.html

Bitter Creek (Ships USPS on Fridays): http://www.candlesupply.com/shipping.html

Cierra Candles: http://www.cierracandles.com/default.aspx

Craft Lobby: http://www.craftlobby.com/index.html

Gelluminations: http://creativeilluminations.com/howtomakesoycandles.php

Green Leaf (I think they were willing, but would rather work out something for heavier items like wax): http://www.greenleafcandlesupply.com/policies.htm

Indiana Candle Supplies: http://www.candlesupplys.us/

Keystone (Offers 10% military family discount): http://www.keystonecandlesupply.com/index.php

Majestic Mountain Sage: http://www.thesage.com/index.html

Moonglow: http://www.moonglowcandles.net/kits-b.htm

Mystify (Ships Tues and Thurs): http://www.mystifyyoursenses.com/

Nature's Garden: http://www.naturesgardencandles.com/

Peaks: http://www.peakcandle.com/

Royal Aromatics: http://www.royalaromatics.com/candle_fragrances.asp

SoyCandle.com: http://www.soycandle.com/

Taylored Concepts: http://www.tayloredconcepts.com/index.htm

The Candle Source: http://www.thecandlesource.com/

The Candlemaker's Store: http://www.thecandlemakersstore.com/

The Scent Works: http://store.scent-works.com/index.html

Tony's Fragrance and Supplies: http://tonysfragranceoils.com/index.php?main_page=index&zenid=005fdfa32f68f1918ac5698fa1c67b85

WSP: http://www.wholesalesuppliesplus.com/default.aspx

WixnWax: http://www.wholesalesuppliesplus.com/default.aspx

Containers (jars specifially, but some B&B, too):

Fillmore Container: https://www.fillmorecontainer.com/default.asp

Freund Container: http://www.freundcontainer.com/default.asp

Green Girl: http://www.greengirlbasics.com/

Sunshine Container: http://www.sunshinecontainer.com/tealite.htm

Specialty Bottle: http://www.specialtybottle.com/

Fairway Glass: http://www.fairwayglass.us/

Some of the candle supplies places have containers shippable as well...

Edited to add:

Candles and Supplies: www.candlesandsupplies.com


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Well THANK YOU for thanking me! A lot of people don't realize that it is not just the member of the Armed Forces who is fighting for our freedom. It is the wife and kids at home (often apart for many months throughout the year) who give him the strength to carry on... we are in this just as much as my husband! :)

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