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Okay, so what did I do wrong????

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I don't like "shiny smooth" candles, much prefer mottles and rustics, so I ordered a case of IGI1274, and yesterday tried to make a few mottles. The IGI specs say you should not add anything to the wax, other than FO, as it will affect the mottle, and to leave it to cool slowly. I poured at 185 degrees, as the specs stated, and left the candles to cool overnight. When I removed them from the molds this morning...NOT ONE MOTTLED!!!! Not even a slight snowflake - perfectly smooth and translucent.... and I'm very unimpressed to say the least! What did I do wrong? I was under the impression that 1274 was the perfect wax for mottling..... Any advice from you pros would be most appreciated.

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If that is really 1274 and didn't get contaminated with Vybar from a previous batch or something, then the only answer is not enough FO. That's suprising though because you'd normally need a pretty light touch for that wax not to mottle at all.

I suppose some FOs might behave very differently, but I find the suggestion of 4-9% a little on the high side. I'd say 3-6%, with anything over that usually resulting in an oily mess. Even within that range you can sometimes get an oily mess.

In other words, with a lot of FOs you'll get a mottle at 1/2 oz per lb but if 1 oz per lb doesn't do it then something weird is going on.

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Well, I tried again today, and I took them out of the molds a few minutes ago, with the same result. There is no chance of contamination as I cleaned the pouring pots and molds. The only things I used that had been used before, were the skewers that I use for stirring. I'm at a total loss, and really mad that I wasted money on a CASE of 1274...... I really need to get this to work......

I used 1 tsp FO to 1lb 1274.

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