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Cotton Blossom/Lily of the Valley/Moonlight Path/Water Blossom Ivy


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It's funny because I looked at them all as more seasonal type scents:

Moonlit Path for fall/winter (don't know why I think that)

Lily of the Valley (spring/Easter)

Cotton blossom (May/June)

Water Blossom Ivy (March/April)

Ok, so maybe more spring/summer but that's what came to mind when I first saw them. But I've never smelled them, more name association.

Are these for candles or bath & body products?

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Are these for candles or bath & body products?

They are for candles.

I love Water Blossom Ivy & Cotton Blossom, but I think of them more for B&B products.

Moonlight Path would be good for candles.

I haven't smelled Lily of the Valley though....

I just wanted to get other people's opinions on these.

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