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Bomb of a craft show


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You would think that a craft show featuring 120 vendors would attract a BIG crowd, NOT!:mad:

Attendance was horrible! I couldnt believe my eyes! All in all I think I did very well considering there were no buyers. Here are the highlights.

- One man asked me what were the benefits of soy. After my big speal, he says "thats it"?:shocked2: I felt like kicking him out of my booth. AFTER he bought 3 soy balmoral candles of course!

- A young girl walks up to my booth and I ask her if she would like to sample my tropical sunrise soy lotion. She goes and grabs her mom to see if its okay. Mom ends up buying 5 bars of soap, woohooo!

- Husband comes to booth first. Falls in love with the pumpkin pie soy candles. Goes to grap wife who LOVES pumpkin pie. She ends up buying 2 vanilla and one apple. GO FIGURE!

Here are some pics. Dont mind the guy in the background. Obviously, he wanted me to photograph him or he would have moved out of the way.

Oh, forgot to mention, this place had some very loud CHRISTMAS music playing all day. I've heard of Christmas in July. But Christmas in August? C'mon, its still 4 months away!


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I'm so sorry to here that the show was poorly attended. It can be a difficult time with many on last hurrah vacation before school starts and other tapped out due buying all the school supplies and clothes for the kiddie before they go back!

Please don't tell me they played Christmas music at this show!:shocked2: I'd run the other way if they did that!:grin2:

BTW, was this show advertised? Maybe that was the problem.

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