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how much FO?


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Up till now I've made solid colored soaps or some with a relatively small amount of swirled-in colored soap.

But I want to make something with a BIG swirl - in 2 colors - which will use quite a bit of soap.

Since I add the FO to the uncolored portion, do I count only THAT part in calculating how much FO? Or the whole batch?

Like I'm making a 4# batch. My swirls will use up about a pound I figure. So if I use 1 oz ppo of FO - would I use 3oz or 4 oz?

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Carol, I don't know if this would be considered right by the experts but I always put the same amount of FO in that I would had I not taken any off for a swirl. I too only color the part that I don't add scent to. I've never had any problems so I continue to do this.

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I only back it down a bit if I'm doing more of a 50/50 split between scented and non. Like on my coconut I just did - it was about 45% unscented, so I backed down the scent from .8 oz ppo to .6 oz ppo... Makes me feel better that I won't get it oozing out of the scented part.

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