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Mold question


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I have been searching the net for wooden soap molds and after loosing my bookmarks to computer failure, I finally found the site with the colapsable molds!! I really need advise as to which molds would be better for both CP , CPHP and HP soaps!! I dont know if I should go with the pegged or hinged?! I know that I have to line these molds but Im worried about the soap leaking out! Any and all advise is welcomed!! Thank You!!

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Here is the link to check out the molds and help me decide which would be best!!

Thanks and God Bless,



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I have the one that is pegged and hinged. I like it. If I pour at a really thin trace to get really delicate swirls, some of the soap can leak out of the corners making it dificult to remove the soap from the mold. With the hinges, I just let down the sides and the soap comes right out.

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Joy, you shrink wrap your mold? Explain!!! (please - darn I have to work on those manners I keep bugging my kids about!)

I disassemble it and shrinkwrap the parts. I don't heat it until it's reassembled. I've gotten to the point where I use Sams Wrap on the bottom. I can slide the soap off on the wrap and unmold sooner.

I pour at almost a water like trace and they don't leak.

Edited to add that I've done cpop with the shrink.


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Thank you so much for your replies! I have gone ahead and placed a order for a few hinged/unstained molds!!! I cant wait to try them!! Im getting so excited about making soaps.......little by little, Im gathering my supplies! LOL

God Bless,


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I never take mine apart; it's not necessary, I lift the soap out, lining and all. I've never had a leak either.

I don't fold my corners, I cut them out. If it is really a thin trace, I may get as much as 1/2 teaspoon of leakage. In my log mold, that makes it hard to remove the soap.

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